Dead Island overcomes bugs, gives DLC release date, and redefines the meaning of "next week"

by: Nathaniel -
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Way back in the halcyon days there were this past September, way back before we knew how messed up the football program at Penn State was, still thought that Rick Perry had a functioning brain, and just knew Kim Kardashian's fairy-tales romance with an unemployed NBA "star" would last forever, Deep Silver was all set to announce new DLC for their open-world zombies in paradise simulator, Dead Island.  Then they decided the game was still too buggy, and delayed the announcement until "next week." Today, six-weeks later, "next week" finally arrived.  Bloodbath Arena, with it's 4-player co-op, waves of hungry zombies, leaderboards, and XP points, items, and gold that carry over to the main campaign, will be released next week on November 22 for either 800MSP or $9.99.  Here's hoping this time "next week" doesn't mean "six weeks from now."    

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