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Sony alters their game sharing policies

by: Jeremy -
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One of the best kept secrets of the Sony PlayStation Network is the ability to share content across multiple consoles. Up until this month, users have been able to download and activate purchased content on up to 5 different consoles. This was effectively referred to as “game sharing” because I could purchase a game on the network, and then allow up to 4 friends to log into their systems under my account and they could download the game(s) too. Well, that is all changing next week.

Sony has announced that effective November 18, 2011, the amount of consoles in which you can activate content will be dropped to 2. This new policy is not retroactive though, so those that have been making the best of the feature up until now are going to be okay. Just no that any purchases that you make on the PlayStation Network Store on or after 11/18/2011 will be limited to activation on just 2 consoles.