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If you were on the fence about Saints Row: The Third, this video will settle the issue

by: Nathaniel -
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Today's bit of Saints Row: The Third insanity might very well be the most insane bit of Saints Row: The Third insanity ever.  This original collaboration between Broken Pixels and Evil Rocket shows so much Saints Row: The Third gameplay that simply watching it should settle any internal conflict one might have over picking it up when it hits stores next Tuesday.  Whatever previous opinion you had regarding the game with be confirmed either way.  This video has it all: nude skydiving, explicit purple baseball bats, headshots, virtual reality tanks, that thing where you have a rocket launcher, but instead of rockets it shoots octopuses, and so much more I couldn't list it all.  Anyway, enjoy your daily Saints Row: The Third sponsored cup of insanity.

Oh, and if this video was any more NSFW, you would have to pay to watch it.  The age-gate is no joke here folks.  You might want to sweep the room for small children and bosses before you click the "Yes, I am 18 or over" button.

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