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Come get an inside look at NFL Blitz

by: Nathaniel -
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EA has announced a series of inside look videos showing off their upcoming game, NFL Blitz.  Right now there are three "two minute drills" available for view only at the NFL Blitz website (seriously, they've gone out of their way to make sure the only way to watch the videos is on their website).  So sorry linkophobes, no embeded videos for you today, only links (the HORROR!!)

Blitz art style and concept

NFL Blitz Gauntlet

Blitz Battles

For full details and a schedule of all the upcoming "two minute drill" videos, follow the jump.


As anticipation continues to rise for the all-new NFL Blitz, EA SPORTS is providing fans with an inside look at the game through the NFL Blitz website, which offers weekly in-depth discussions around various features. Through the website, fans can check out new screenshots, read developer blogs and watch “Two Minute Drill” videos that provide fans with what they need to know about each week’s topic in just two minutes. For NFL Blitz fans, there’s no better way to learn about the recharged, HD version of the legendary arcade video game.

Here’s a taste of what has been discussed on the website thus far:

NFL Blitz art director, Tony Stanley, takes fans through the art concept and style and shares how he and his team worked to preserve the essence of the original NFL Blitz, while bringing a new flair to the HD version of the game.

Art Style “Two Minute Drill” Video:

NFL Blitz designer, Yuri Bialoskursky, takes a deep dive into the ultimate single-player challenge: Blitz Gauntlet. Fans can learn everything they need to know about this multi-tiered mode, including how to earn unlockable fantasy characters.

Blitz Gauntlet “Two Minute Drill” Video:

The first discussion around the new NFL Blitz online modes, designer Yuri Bialoskursky provides fans with a firm grasp on the Battle Boards to help prepare them to reach the Blitz Hall of Fame in Blitz Battles.

Blitz Battles “Two Minute Drill” Video:

Below is the schedule of what is still to come on the NFL Blitz website:

§ WEEK 5 (11/14) – NFL Blitz Feature Deep Dive: Co-Op & Blitz Teams

Meet the next generation of NFL Blitz – immersive online game modes that take the rivalry experience to a whole new level.

§ WEEK 6 (11/21) – NFL Blitz Feature Deep Dive: Elite League

Hear from the best on how to create and shape a team into the perfect squad of ultimate players. Get tips on how to give your team the competitive edge by acquiring and using Power Ups to further your advantage on the field and through the winner-takes-all Risk and Reward game.

§ WEEK 7 (11/28) – Blitz Store: Unlockables, Power Ups & More

Discover the treasures that await in the Blitz Store, including unlockables, Power Ups and even the beautiful NFL Blitz cheerleaders!

§ WEEK 8 (12/5) – NFL Blitz Commentary

Go inside the two-man booth to meet past NFL Blitz play-by-play announcer, Tim Kitzrow, along with actor Brian Haley. The perfect pair to voice NFL Blitz, Kitzrow and Haley’s humorous commentary augments the over-the-top arcade football experience.

§ WEEK 9 (12/12) —NFL Blitz: Yesterday to Today

Take a look back at the classic NFL Blitz franchise. Reminisce on the good old days and celebrate the new era. Take a ride with us: from then ‘til now.

§ WEEK 10 (12/19) – NFL Blitz Cheat Week!

It just wouldn’t be NFL Blitz without loads of cheat codes! Enjoy this weeklong gift from our family to yours – exclusive cheat codes and a look at what you’ll get from each.

§ WEEK 11 (12/26)—NFL Blitz Expert Tips

REALLY get “in the game” with the ultimate guide to NFL Blitz! Get expert tips straight from the development team to ensure you’re on top of your game, just in time for release.

§ WEEK 12 (1/3) – NFL Blitz is on Its Way!

Check out what the world is saying in anticipation of the upcoming launch of the all-new NFL Blitz!

NFL Blitz will be available via digital download for $14.99 on PlayStation Network and 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade in January.

The most up-to-date and comprehensive information about NFL Blitz can be found every week at the following website: