Not all Street Fighter characters are created equally

by: Jeremy -
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Have you ever wondered how developers come up with all of the unique characters that you see in games? The truth of the matter is that it is a long process and there is a bit of trial and error along the way. For example, take the biggest franchise in the fighting game world: Street Fighter. There are a ton of ideas that hit the cutting room floor before the finalized rosters of characters that we know and love get approved for the game.

One of the more dedicated members of Capcom’s Unity Blog, The Switcher decided to dig a little bit into this topic. In his research he has many scraps from the various Street Fighter development projects and seeing them prove that not all characters are created equally. I would like to think that there is some parallel universe where some of these other characters actually made the cut and appeared in the final games, forever changing the course of Street Fighter history.

Okay, not really. Though you do have to admit that some of these creations are pretty funny and it would be hilarious to see them implements in some sort of manner. DLC opportunities perhaps?

Check out the video below courtesy of Machinima: