You want the GOATs of the NBA? You've got them.

by: Sean Cahill -
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As the NBA continues it's lengthy lockout with no end in sight, fans continue to get their fix for basketball by relying on NBA 2K12, which has put up impressive numbers in sales.  Now, 2K Games has announced a large amount of DLC that will be available during the holiday season.  If there was ever a way to end the argument regarding who the greatest players of all time were, this is one of the best ways to do it.  An impressive 45 players from years past will be available for play in a series of games like HORSE, 21, and challenges.

NBA fans have been trying to keep a cool head regarding the lockout, and it is a shame that the season is not going on right now.  At least the gaming industry doesn't come to a standstill when a sports season threatens to end itself.
Today 2K Sports announced the surprise addition of 45 all-new legendary basketball players exclusive to NBA 2K12’s “Legends Showcase” downloadable add-on content pack.  Included in the batch are legendary NBA players such as Yao Ming, George Mikan, Bob Cousy, Kevin Johnson, and Bernard King to name a few. The players will be re-rated in order to play at the peak of their careers, and they will wear their team uniforms unique to that year.
2K Sports previously announced that Legends Showcase allows gamers to select from more than 160 of the NBA’s all-time greatest players, including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dr. J. By adding 45 more legends to the downloadable content add-on pack, there are now  more than 330 total players, legend and current, available in NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase!
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Complete List of New Legends

George Mikan (1951 Lakers) David Thompson (1978 Nuggets) Derek Harper (1990 Mavericks)
Bob Cousy (1957 Celtics) Jamaal Wilkes (1981 Lakers) Tom Chambers (1990 Suns)
Bob Pettit (1959 Hawks) Jack Sikma (1982 Sonics) Kevin Johnson (1990 Suns)
Nate Thurmond (1967 Warriors) Alex English (1983 Nuggets) Reggie Lewis (1993 Celtics)
Lenny Wilkens (1968 Hawks) Adrian Dantley (1984 Jazz) Dan Majerle (1993 Suns)
Dave Bing (1968 Pistons) Bernard King (1984 Knicks) Kenny Anderson (1994 Nets)
Wes Unseld (1969 Bullets) Rolando Blackman (1984 Mavericks) Cedric Ceballos (1994 Suns)
Connie Hawkins (1970 Suns) Kiki Vandeweghe (1984 Nuggets) Dee Brown (1995 Celtics)
Dave Cowens (1973 Celtics) Mark Eaton (1985 Jazz) Gheorge Muresan (1996 Bullets)
Tiny Archibald (1973 Kings) Sleepy Floyd (1987 Warriors) Glen Rice (1997 Hornets)
Spencer Haywood (1973 Sonics) Fat Lever (1988 Nuggets) Shawn Bradley (1997 Mavericks)
Bob McAdoo (1975 Braves) Mark Jackson (1989 Knicks) Steve Smith (1998 Hawks)
Elvin Hayes (1975 Bullets) Kenny Walker (1989 Knicks) Jalen Rose (2001 Pacers)
Rick Barry (1975 Warriors) Dale Ellis (1989 Sonics) Jamal Mashburn (2003 Hornets)
Bob Lanier (1977 Pistons) Artis Gilmore (1978 Bulls) George Mikan (1951 Lakers)
About NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase:
Legends Showcase will be available this holiday season for $9.99 via PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and for 800 Microsoft Points via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360.
Legends Showcase creates a truly unique basketball experience for all fans, featuring a new, cell-shaded art style set in New York City’s iconic Time Square. This downloadable add-on enhances NBA 2K12
 by providing a never-seen-before gaming experience, unlocking hours of additional gameplay and giving fans an all-new way to end the debate over who is the greatest basketball player of all time.
Legends Showcase also features mini-games, such as 21 and H-O-R-S-E, along with other new features like the 2-on-2 Teammate Challenge and 3-on-3 Era Challenge. Gamers can also unlock current NBA players to create unique match-ups between legends and current stars.  Finally, for the ultimate challenge, gamers can bring their My Player into the mix and battle the legends of the NBA to see how they stack up against the best ever.
As an added bonus, Legends Showcase also includes Classic Quick Match, a new mode that is opened up in the main game allowing gamers to play online with the NBA’s Greatest teams in a regular simulation setting.
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