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New Modern Warfare 3 video shows off new modes and Match Customization

by: Russell -
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With only a week until launch, Infinity Ward has released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that shows off some new modes and match customization.

The first new mode in the video is Kill Confirmed, which allows you to get points for your team when you pick up your opponent's dog tags after taking them out.  After that is Team Defender, which is similar to Capture the Flag, but instead of taking the flag back to a certain location, it's all about who can hang onto it the longest.  You can also customize your matches with things such as turning perks off and on, whether or not kill cam is enabled, players' health and health regeneration rates, and quite a bit more.  You can also post your custom matches on Call of Duty: Elite so others can play them as well.

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