Dead Rising 2: Off the Record serves up some BBQ on the grill

by: Travis -
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Capcom has released the second downloadable content for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record titled the BBQ Chef Skill Pack. The downloadable content features new clothing items that each include an added bonus to a particular skill.
  • BBQ Chef Hat - Gain more health from grilled foods like BBQ chicken, ribs and hamburgers!
  • BBQ Chef Face - New attacks with the chef knife and meat cleaver!
  • BBQ Chef Apron - Explosions are bigger!
  • BBQ Chef Sandals - Deadly attacks with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard!
The Dead Rising 2: Off the Record second downloadable content BBQ Chef Skill Pack is available now for 160 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $1.99 on the PlayStation Network.