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Saints Row: The Third - Initiation Station (Impressions)

by: Travis -
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Ahead of the upcoming launch of Saints Row: The Third, THQ and Volition have released the game's character creation tool titled Initiation Station. Following in the tradition of past Saints Row titles, the Initiation Station has a near endless amount of customization options ranging from your character's choice of underwear to their taunt animation. The Initiation Station also allows for characters to be uploaded to the Saints Row community for other players to download and use in their game. Any characters created now can instantly be used when the game launches this month.

The primary customization options for creating characters include body, clothing, and tattoos. In each of these categories is a plethora of sliders and color selections that allow for the creation of nearly anything that your imagination can fathom. There are some stock outfits included, but most options allow for contrasting items. Your character has the ability to wear a detective overcoat with the giant head of a mascot mask. Many of the customization options are a bit quirky, however, it is possible to create a somewhat normal looking character in the world of Saints Row.

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The creation tool offers a small preview of what we can expect from the visuals of the upcoming game. The character models look quite impressive with their comic book aesthetics and exaggeration of the bodies. Minor details such as the swaying of hair and clothing are also a nice addition to the visual style. From my time spent with the customization tool, the one recurring thought was my excitement to play as this character in the actual game.

If my experience with the Initiation Station is any hint of the final product, then I'm quite confident we are all in for one heck of an unadulterated and entertaining romp in the city of Steelport. Saints Row: The Third will be available on November 15 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.The Initiation Station is now available for download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.