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Saints Row: The Third has a horde mode now

by: Nathaniel -
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And as per Saints Row usual, it's been completely defiled.  Starting with the name.  Those adverse to puns may want to look away....it's called Whored Mode.  Get it?  Moving on....

If this video is real and not just a product of my fevered imagination then, Saints Row: The Third's Whored Mode is far simpler than, say, Gears' Horde Mode, but 100000000x as insane (And that's what really matters, mirite?); starting with the weapons.  Sure there's the usual guns and grenades, but there's also tanks, and at least on other item not fit for discussion in mixed company.  Saints Row: The Third comes out 11/15/11.

If this video was any more NSFW, you'd need a credit card to watch it.

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