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So that free copy of BF1943 for PS3 owners? Just kidding. You get to spend more money on our game earlier.

by: John -
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PlayStation 3 owners won't be getting a free copy of Battlefield 1943 with a purchase of Battlefield 3. Yeah, instead you'll get access to the DLC earlier. Whoopee!

I know some folks make their decision on which platform to get a game based on some of the perks that go along with it. The Joker being available on the PlayStation 3 version of Batman Arkham Asylum come to mind. So, to not even announce beforehand that there's no Battlefield 1943 when you buy Battlefield 3 for the PS3 is not good, not good at all.

Then to say that in lieu of a free game you get access to the expansions earlier when it was announced last month that this was going to be the case anyways? Yeah, not cool. Why didn't they announce there was no BF1943 and that PS3 owners get the expansions earlier in that PlayStation blog post?

So, no free game but you can buy more content a week earlier than the other platforms? Sign me up!

Dirty pool EA, dirty pool.