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Is that a trick question, Battlefield 3?

by: Nathaniel -
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At the end of this short trailer, a question is posed:  Is it real, or is it Battlefield 3?  I can't help but feel like I'm being lured into some kind of trick question bear trap.  Most of it sure looks like it could pass for real, but then rockets fly by impossibly slowly.  Of course, with editing technology being what it is today, it's entirely possible to either slow down just the rockets, or digitally insert fake rockets.  Or perhaps the entire trailer is fake*.  But why would they ask, when the trailer contains too much "gameness" to not be all in-game footage, unless the answer is that it's real?  I'm probably over thinking it, so here's the trailer for you to judge for yourself.  Battlefield 3 is out right now.  

*yes of course, I know it's fake (in-game footage), but what fun would that be to write about?

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