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“Mommy, where do games come from?”

by: Jeremy -
More On: NBA Jam
Have you ever wondered where video games come from? Sure, we have seen the various development diaries and such for a variety of games, and have some insight on the creative process that goes into making them; but where are the ideas born? What is it like before games get the proverbial green light to begin full production? Well, a recently surfaced video gives gamers a little bit on insight on that exact topic.

Check out the video below courtesy of Video Game Ephemera. This is a “pitch” video that Midway games prepared back in the early 90‘s to pitch the concept of NBA Jam to the NBA for its official endorsement. It is pretty cool to see how the project was envisioned early on in the planning stages and then compare it to the arcade classic that it grew to become. This is also our first glimpse at His Airness himself in the game, or at least a stand in that represented him.

Listen to some of the intended features that never made it to the final game, such as first person breakaway cameras and coaching videos.

Pretty cool, huh?