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Just how can Call of duty Elite help you become a better player?

by: Jeremy -
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The upcoming Call of Duty Elite service is meant to be more than just a bragging-tool where you can track and boast your stats. Theoretically, the service is intended to help make you a better Call of duty player, regardless of your game of choice. Activision has released a new behind the scenes trailer for the service that focuses on just how they plan on doing that.

The improve feature of the Elite service will provide you with all of the tools you need to become a better player all around. It is sort of like the ultimate strategy guide for those looking to get a step up on the competition. Thanks to help from the creators of the game as well as the support and input from the great players in the community, the improve feature will be constantly changing and growing to teach you new tips and tracks over the course of the game’s life.

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