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Modern Warfare 3 launch trailer released, not so oddly timed

by: Chuck -
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Here's the launch trailer for Modern Warfare 3 which hits stores on November 8th.  It's a bit odd to see a launch trailer so early before a game launches but then again Battlefield 3 launches this week so I'm assuming that Activision released this one early as an attempt to steal some of their thunder.

The trailer itself is solid and features a few new bits of footage intermixed with a lot of stuff we've already seen.  I will admit that while a bit convoluted it's started to develop a very nice Clancian feel to it (early Clancy, specifically Red Storm Rising )  I am interested to see how everything shakes out in this chapter of the game and if we get some resolution.  Until then I've got Battlefield 3 to keep me warm.

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