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An objections to new UMVC3 characters?

by: Jeremy -
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I hope not because you will be OVERRULED!

Capcom has revealed both Nova and Phoenix Wright for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at the New York comic-Con. Yes, I said Phoenix frickin’ Wright, attorney at law. You can check out the reveal trailers for both characters below and two more new trailers for the game on the next page.

Phoenix in particular looks just as wild as we all expected him to be. How can anyone not love his objection counter attack; that is perfect! He looks absolutely hilarious, literally slapping the opponent with legal motions and throwing evidence at them left and right. Let’s be honest though, that level 3 super could get really annoying after a while. Hopefully it changes up a little bit depending on which opponent you use it on.

I had high hopes for Nova in the game as well but he really looks like a modified palette swap of Iron Man. His special moves seem to be varied a bit though; guess we will have to see how he plays out when the game launches next month.

Phoenix Wright and Nove Gameplay trailer:

Updated UMvC3 trailer:

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