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News Roundup: Secret Company Files of Heroes

by: Randy -
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AtomicGamer is the hook up, as always, for much of the News Roundup today.  Thanks also to MMORPG.com, and GamersInfo for their continuing link contributions.

Demos, Patches
  • You can investigate this demo of Secret Files: Tunguska, a point-and-click adventure racking up impressive reviews from the European press. [AG]
  • Faces of War demos their multiplayer scenario for this RTS set in WW1.  Oh hardy har, I'm pulling your leg.  It's WW2.  (Just thought I'd try and spice things up.) [AG]
  • Company of Heroes  has a single-player demo out.  Bonus points if you can guess what war it's about.  (Boy, I apologize.  I'm not usually this cynical about things.) [AG]
  • Better patch that breach, sailor.  Ship Simulator 2006 gets a German patch v.1.3. [AG]
  • Better patch that ball, player.  2006 FIFA World Cup kicks in an ATI patch. [AG]
  • Better patch that -- okay, I'm done.  Patch v.1.1 is blocking together your LEGO Star Wars game, though. [AG]
  • Battlefield 2 shouts for a "Medic!" to patch you up from v.1.3 --> v.1.4, or you can get fully patched if you've taken a lot of shrapnel.  While you're at it, you can download the Dedicated Windows Server Build 1.4, or the Dedicated Linux Server Build 1.1.2963. [AG]
Reviews, Giveaways
  • GamersInfo descends with another favorable review for Prey, and also lets you know why they feel "zombies are people, too" in their Stubbs the Zombie review. [GI]
  • As something to show for the hours clocked in, MMORPG.com sums up World of Warcraft in their end-game review. [MMORPG.com]
  • They're also sponsoring a 200 Beta Key Giveaway for 9Dragons, the upcoming clan-happy martial arts MMO. [MMORPG.com]
  • Heh heh.  I can't get enough of these "Kill Kevin" videos from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.  Here are #3 and #4. [AG]
  • Combat Wings: Battle of Britain is 1940's air combat between Britain and Germany.  Here's movie #1. [AG]
  • Two Half Life 2 movies is two too few.  Check out the shelf life on these gameplay trailers (1, 2). [AG]