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The PlayStation Vita has a 20MB cap on 3G

by: John -
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A lot of people groaned when Sony announced that the Vita would be partnering with AT&T to provide free 3G for their new handheld. Well, that's OK because you won't be getting anything too big using it anyways.

Gamespot has confirmed there will be a 20MB download cap per download on 3G, so anything over that you'll have to latch onto some Wifi to pick up. That means if you see something really cool, either a movie or game, that you want to snag while on the go using 3G and it's bigger than 20MB, you're out of luck.

That really seems to limit the types of things you can get with the Vita. Yes, there will be small games and such to consume, but games are getting bigger, not smaller.

With this cap, who would spend the extra money on the 3G version? It just doesn't seem worth it. Oh, and you can blame AT&T, of course.