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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier declares a date

by: Jeremy -
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The future of war will finally be decided come March 6, 2012. That is the day that Ubisoft will finally release the often delayed Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, that is unless another delay occurs between now and then. Ubisoft also wants to remind gamers that Future Soldier will receive a multiplayer beta test in January. Entries into the beta program were offered with the purchase of Splinter Cell: Conviction when it launched last year.

I sure hope that a lot has changed since the game was shown at this year's E3. While it looked nice, there was a little too much of an emphasis put on the Kinect integration and I am worried that as a result, the core game experience will suffer. I guess that we will find out in a couple of more months.

[via Joystiq]