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PayDay: The Heist calls an audible

by: Jeremy -
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SOE and OVERKILL Software have called a last-second audible and delayed today’s planned release of Payday: The Heist. The game was supposed to launch today on both the PlayStation Network and the PC (via digital distribution). No explanation was given for the delay aside from a desire to ensure that the game is of the utmost quality for all players.

Maybe that is the real reason, maybe it isn’t; gamers are sure to speculate when any game is pulled at the last second. Sony has stated that the game will still see release this month and will still be awarded to those gamers who purchased all 4 PSN Play titles earlier this year. Regardless o the reason for the delay, I want to see things resolved and the game releases ASAP; it looks like a ton of fun. Imagine Left 4 Dead meats the classic 90‘s movie Heat... it is a lot like that.

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