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Battlefield 3 and social media made a baby

by: Nathaniel -
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And its name is Battlelog.  Dice is touting this as some sort of revolution in online gaming, but to me it looks exactly like what Bungie was doing with Halo two years ago.  Stat tracking and leaderboards are old ideas, but apparently when you package them up with the hot new name "Battlelog," suddenly they're fresh again.

Battlelog on PC, however, is a slightly different animal.  It's browser-based and along with all the stat tracking and leaderboarding, it also allows the player to seamlessly join games with no waiting (the browser replaces traditional lobbies), along with more in-dept party-making option than games usually get.  In this video, all of Battlelog's secrets are revealed so watch it and judge for yourself whether it's a groundbreaking as Dice is making it out to be.

[via: YouTube]

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