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The Darkness II trailer explores its inner demon

by: Travis -
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The latest trailer for The Darkness II explains the origins of the Darkness demon and how it has become entwined with the game's main character Jackie Estacado. The Darkness can be seen in the video mercilessly ripping apart enemies in Estacado's mission of revenge against the mafia for killing his girlfriend. The first game slipped past my radar back when it was released in 2007, which now may warrant a playthrough.

The Darkness II will be available next year on February 7 in North America and February 10 in Europe for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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2K Games released today an all-new ‘What Is The Darkness?’ video trailer for The Darkness II, which highlights the origins of the Darkness entity, as well as Jackie Estacado’s relationship with that demon throughout the video game series. This gritty video introduces a new character in The Darkness II – Johnny Powell. He explains The Darkness’ beginnings, how the Darkness has helped to establish Jackie’s role as the Don of the Estacado family, his connection to past girlfriend Jenny and showcasing the unique Quad-Wielding, combat mechanic that allows gamers to simultaneously dual-wield two guns, and two Demon Arms during battle.