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Sony nabs rights to BF3 expansions first

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft may have secured the rights to ensure that all Call of Duty expansion and DLC content launches first on the 360, but Sony has managed to nab a similar deal with EA for all Battlefield 3 content. According to a recent post on the Official PlayStation Blog, all full Battlefield 3 expansion packs, beginning with “Back to Karkand”, will launch first on the PlayStation 3 platform. Sony has secured the rights to release all related content one week ahead of its competitors, which in gaming terms is close to an eternity.

Remember, the Battlefield 3 beta test kicks off next week on all three platforms (PC, 360, and PS3). Those gamers who secured early access through the purchase of Medal of honor will get a two-day head start on the competition with access beginning on September 27.