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hahahahaha! Japanese (too) early adopters get burned by Dark Souls

by: Nathaniel -
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I can't speak for what everyone else in the world thinks about software piracy and broken street dates, but I know they're generally regarded as bad.  Meanwhile, devious developers desperately work to dissuade pirates and beneficiaries of broken street dates from actually playing their games early.  Now, the popular technique seems to be simple trolling.  Rocksteady, for example, added a bug so that pirates could do everything but glide in Batman: Arkham Asylum, effectively making the game unfinishable unless you were playing a legitimate copy, and now From Software has taken the trolling one step further by simply flooding the already insanely difficult Dark Souls with even more insanely difficult enemies for anyone playing the game early.  Right now this is only going on in Japan, so we'll have to wait and see if they pull the same trick in other regions.  Either way, I think it's hilarious.  

North America gets Dark Souls and October 4th, while Europe gets it on October 7th.  

[via: destructoid]
[source: Edge]