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News Roundup: Savage Music Challenge

by: Randy -
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There's plenty here to fill in what's left of the weekend.  Thanks to AtomicGamer, MMORPG.com, Legit Reviews, and GamersInfo for all the News Roundup links.

Free Games!  Editors!  Demos!

  • Savage has gone to the animals.  This online fantasy shooter (with strategy elements sliced into the gameplay) is now free for the taking. [AG]
  • Music Challenge has a Windows and Mac demo that'll challenge your knowledge on your own music collection.  The game goes into your Windows Media Player or iTunes to handcraft rounds of trivia.  Intriguing. [AG]
  • War in the Pacific, a hexagon-mapped naval combat strategy title, now puts the scenario editor in your hands, admiral. [AG]
  • Just released is the Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Dark Crusade demo. [AG]
Trailers, Screenshots
  • Just Cause's revolution begins on the 27th this month.  Mini-trailer numero seis esta aqui. [AG]
  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos puts their Chaos Army trailer in order. [AG]
  • If you prefer your martial arts heroes to be a little Chow Yun Fat, and your action directors to be a bit John Woo, then Stranglehold is your cup of noodles.  Bow to the trailer in wide or HD format. [AG]
  • Lineage 2 Chronicle 5 rides out to the hunt in their "Hunting Grounds" video. [AG]
  • The PS2 gets some more RPG action from .hack//GU Vol 1: Rebirth.  Hax0r into these screenshots. [AG]
Previews, Reviews, Patches
  • Answering the recent influx of Roman city-builders, GamersInfo posts a review of CivCity: Rome. [GI]
  • Legit Reviews checks out the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA Motherboard and breaks down why it certainly does rock. [LR]
  • Toontown Online: Toonfest.  Tune into the developer diary for a day's worth of festivities. [MMORPG.com]
  • And here continues the trickle of exclusive screenshots for Pirates of the Burning Sea. [MMORPG.com]
  • Paradise was critically slammed, but at least B. Sokal's team is still committed to patching their product.  Here's version 1.1.3. [AG]
  • Massive Assault Network 2 allots some RTS resources towards its Beta patch v.2.0.215. [AG]