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Sony PlayStation Vita will be launching December 17th in Japan

by: John -
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At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony's press conference has revealed that the PlayStation Vita is set to debut in Japan on December 17th. We already had a price, but now we have a definitive time frame for the initial launch.

Great news about the launch is that there will be 26 games available for you to purchase. Some of the highlights include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Power Smash 4, and soon after a Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be available as well.

Not only that, but Sony's looking to give you folks with UMDs a way to bring your old games to the new system AND 500-600 PSP titles will be available for download to the Vita.

It looks like the Vita won't have a shortage of games to play with, old and new, so that's pretty good.

Talks are that the battery life of the unit is in the 3-5 hour range, which kind of sucks for a portable. Of course, that's going to depend on many factors such as if you use the WiFi, Bluetooth, and the brightness of the screen. Still, I'd rather see portables go about double that.

So, it sounds like the Vita's got a nice little launch coming up in Japan. No word on when it hits the rest of the world, but will that price make it a good buy still with the 3DS's price slash? Time will tell.
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