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Saints Row The Third introduces the Deckers, the hacking gang

by: Chuck -
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It looks like the folks at Volition liked the new Tron movie significantly more than John and I did as they've added a cyber/hacking gang to the world of Saints Row:The Third. The gang is called The Deckers and they manage to steal all of the money from the bank accounts of the Saints when they reach the new city of Steelport.  

Why do I think that?  Well the trailer  make them look like Tron wanna-be's given that they wear clothes that were bought from the Tron section of a Disney store.  I'm willing to give the Volition guys the benefit of the doubt as they can probably pull this off (the short tank footage brought a flicker of a smile to my face).  What do you all think?  Post in the comments if you think this will help or hinder the upcoming game.

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