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News Roundup: Need for Full Auto Assault Speed

by: Randy -
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Much thanks to MMORPG.com , Apolyton Civilization Site, and Legit Reviews for hookin' it up, and for the AtomicGamer News Desk for constantly pouring out the links.

Previews, Videos, Interviews

  • Lord of the Rings Online is the big fish in the PAX pond, and MMORPG.com is there to preview it.
  • The gods are returning to Norrath, and MMORPG.com has the God Profiles, Part 1, for EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer.
  • Part 3 of 3 for Apolyton's Firaxis Games studio tour is ready for consumption.  Waaaaay behind the scenes stuff. [ACS]
  • Legit Reviews gives you the overview and the interview about the Corsair DHX Technology 'Dominator,' for high performance memory hardware junkies. [LR]
Trailers, Screenshots
  • Here's another pirated piece of a trailer from One Piece: Grand Adventure.
  • Half Life 2: Episode 2 trailer 2.  Touche!
  • Full Auto 2: Battlelines clips in a fully automatic trailer.
  • Need for Speed Carbon copies this trailer for the PSP.
  • Enchanted Arms.  Such a beautiful game (check the trailer).  And yet we're expected to take characters seriously when they yell out "Eat this!" and "I'm feelin' it now!" when they fight.
  • Auto Assault is revving up for a major update, and here are some screenshots to start your engine.
  • Dead Reefs is an investigative adventure game, and the lead character comes equipped with ... a walking stick.  Which, for some inexplicable reason, I find cool as hell. Okay, I'm done.  Check out the screenshots.
Patches, Mods
  • Neverwinter Nights cools off with a version 1.68 patch for Windows and Linux.  You can find 'em both here.
  • Civilization III (not IV) has a complete v1.22 patch for the Mac.
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 unveils its RuneStorm map pack.
  • The Half Life 2 mod, Master Sword: Continued, carries on with a v1.0 patch.
  • Another HL2 mod, Kill the Zombie: Factory, factors in a demo.
  • Tactical Operations: Crossfire fires up their public beta v1.2.
  • This time, the Prey becomes the patched.  Version 1.1 is up for PC and Linux.