Metro 2033 on the cheap today only

by: Jeremy -
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I haven't really spoken about it much here on the site (yet) but I am turning into a big proponent of the OnLive service. I recently signed up for the service and got myself one of the MicroConsoles and have been nothing but impressed with everything that I have experienced thus far. Each and every Friday, OnLive offers a single game at an incredible discount ($5, $3.50 if you subscribe to their Playpack service). and this week's offering just happens to be one of my favorite games from 2010.

Today, OnLive members can purchase THQ and 4A Games’ classic (in my opinion) Metro 2033 for just $5. I reviewed the game when it launched on the Xbox 360 and absolutely fell in love with it. If you haven't experienced the game yet, or the OnLive service, now is as good of a chance as ever...