Ubisoft screw up equals free stuff for everyone

by: Nathaniel -
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When Ubisoft announced that Driver: San Francisco would come with an online pass, people were upset.  No one likes online passes but the suits.  Well, it now looks like karma has decided to bite Ubisoft in the butt for it.  Yesterday, reports began to trickle in that misprinted Uplay Passport codes were giving everyone in North America the multiplayer content for free.  This online statement has more details.  Because of this, Ubisoft has decided to ditch the Uplay Passport for Driver: San Francisco and offer the multiplayer content to everyone (all over the globe even though the issues were only in North America) for free.  So it looks like second-hand purchasers are off the hook.  Go nuts, you guys!

[via: gamesradar]