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NFL Sunday Ticket now available on PS3

by: Dan -
A few weeks ago, DirecTV and Sony made the announcement that they would be bringing the NFL Sunday Ticket to the PlayStation 3 platform in time for the start of the regular season. The program, part of DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket To-Go product which allows you to stream via your PS3, PC, phone or other mobile device if you are an existing DirecTV subscriber, has now gone live on PSN and the PS3.

You can add the NFL Sunday Ticket through your PS3, but you still need to be a DirecTV subscriber in order to be a subscriber. To purchase it, get it from the Media section in the PlayStation Store and then find it in the TV/Video services section of the XMB, channels section.

For additional questions on DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket on the PS3, hit the Sony PlayStation NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go FAQ.