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Finally, we know what you get with your CoD Elite membership . . .

by: Nathaniel -
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. . . and how much it will cost.  Right off the bat, an annual subscription to Call of Duty Elite will run you $49.99.  OK, so that's not too bad, but what do you get for it?  Well, you get all 20 pieces of DLC (released monthly) that will ever be created for Modern Warfare 3, special Clan functionality, competitions with real-world prizes (As opposed to fake-world prizes?  Would that be like magical grumpkin scat, or something?), advice from pros, tutorials, extra video storage, online programming straight from Hollywood, and more.  You can find the complete list in easy-to-digest chart form right here.

$49.99 would be a reasonable price for just the DLC.  When you add in all the other stuff, Call of Duty Elite sounds like a heck of a deal.

[via: oneofswords.com]