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Torchlight II's last class and price revealed

by: Chuck -
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The folks at Runic have revealed two of the last three key pieces of information about Torchlight II.  The first is that the last class of the game is the Embermage who's details you can check out on their website.  The second piece of information is that the game will cost a mere $19.99, the same price as the first game.  

The represents an incredible bargain and honestly this game would have been a steal at $29.99 or $39.99.  I almost wonder if the sales and marketing people were drunk when they came up with this price as you're getting more content and multiplayer for the same price as the original game.  If you want to know how great this game is going to be, check out my impressions from playing the game at E3 this year.

The only remaining detail is the release date which I'm guessing we'll get in a few weeks.