Gamestop's tactics with Deus Ex: Human Revolution is pretty childish

by: John -
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By now you've probably read about how GameStop was removing the free OnLive codes for Deus Ex: Human Revolution from the PC version and then selling them to customers as new. GameStop is getting into the digital delivery service and they see OnLive as a competitor so their reasoning was to remove the coupon, which as a consumer is rightfully yours, and not give you the chance to use OnLive.

That's going to cause an uproar of course. I mean, whoever thought of this decision, and it seems to be from a Field Operations Manager for GameStop, should've known what this was going to do. Who's not going to notice when they receive an opened box or go home to find a coupon missing that they intended to use.

Now, word comes out that GameStop is removing the game altogether from the store shelves going as far to say that they won't sell any physical copy of Deus Ex until Square Enix removes the coupon from the box.

All I have to say is, Wow. The gall of GameStop to actually tell a company to remove a promotion from a game before they will sell it is pretty disgusting. Also, I would have to think there's some legal issues with what GameStop was initially doing. When you open a product, you really can't sell it as new, which is what they were doing. It's like if Best Buy were to try and sell you a movie and remove the digital copy disc and still charge you the full price as CNN suggested.

This little incident seems to have the potential to blow up to something much bigger. I used to shop at GameStop occasionally, but now I'm going to take my business elsewhere. The fact that GameStop would do this and justify their actions by saying that they have a policy to not promote competing products puts a pretty bad taste in my mouth

Sorry, GameStop. Looks like I'll be buying my games elsewhere from now on.