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DirecTV bringing NFL Sunday Ticket to PlayStation 3

by: Dan -
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Football fans of teams not in their home market should be thrilled today, as DirecTV and Sony have come to an agreement that allows the Sunday Ticket to be streamed through your PlayStation 3. It will work for those that have DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket already, and for those that cannot get access to the DirecTV service (such as non-view of southern sky, landlord restrictions, etc.)

Those that already have paid for the service can stream it for an additional $50 through the DirecTV to Go plan and those without DirecTV can subscribe to the package for the $339.95. For those that are in sticker shock over the price tag (I have been a Sunday ticket subscriber for 10 years now) and need some math to help with the justification, it breaks down to approximately $19.99 per week for 17 weeks. Go to the sports bar each week and see if your tab is $20 or less ;-)

This is a HUGE get for Sony, as DirecTV has had a virtual 15 year lockdown on the Sunday Ticket without any other means to view the titles. The DirecTV to Go system allowed streaming on computers last year, but this will be the first time I am aware that a Hi-Def specific device will allow you to bring it to any TV anywhere there is an internet connection. Sony has done a nice job corralling three of the four major sports, as the Sunday Ticket now joins MLB.TV and NHL GameCenter on the console.