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Gamescom 2011: Ultimate MvC3 trailers for Dr. Strange and Nemesis

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has also released a couple of new trailers for the upcoming release Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Two of the new characters that are being added to the game, Dr. Strange and Nemesis, are shown both in reveal and gameplay form in the trailers that are found below.

Dr. Strange in particular looks a ton better than I expected him to be; I always get worried when developers include “magic” based characters in their fighting game(s) as there is so much that they can do with them which can take it in both good and bad directions. In this case, I think that he is definitely headed in a good direction. Nemesis on the other hand appears to be a big, hulking brawler akin to Hulk and Mike Haggar in the game.

Both characters are welcome additions to the roster in my book. Check out both of them in action below courtesy of trailers for a variety of regions:

Source: Shoryuken

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