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Nintendo Download for 8/11/11- This one is for the Gleeks!

by: Jeremy -
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This week’s Nintendo Download is one for the Gleeks in the world. While there aren’t any huge game releases on any of the services, interested gamers can now download the 3D trailer for the motion picture release of Glee 3D on their Nintendo 3DS. Exciting isn’t it?
  • Avenging Spirit on Nintendo eShop
  • Crazy Hamster on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Glee 3D Trailer on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Go! Go! Kokopolo on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Kyotokei on Nintendo WiiWare
  • My Asian Farm on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Next Level: Hugs! on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Super Adventure Island II on Nintendo Virtual Console
It is also worth mentioning that today is the last day that Nintendo 3DS owners can register as Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors and receive their 20 free games through the Nintendo eShop. Players must connect to the eShop by 11:59 PM EST tonight in order to cash in on the special offer.