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EVE is real monies

by: Randy -
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Eight years' worth of EVE Online memories is paying off in cold hard currency for players. Uploading over 1,000 player-made videos, pics, and real-world photos to the EVE is Real metasite triggered a 1,000 Aurum reward for each and every subscriber. Not to be confused with the in-game currency, ISK (interstellar kredits) -- in which, 1,000 ISK wouldn't buy you jack squat in EVE -- Aurum is a new unit of currency that let's you play dress-up with EVE's shmancy new avatars, among other things. According to developer CCP, the accumulative 1,000-per-player Aurum reward is the equivalent to $1.89 million in U.S. greenbacks, or 107,000 months of game time. Indeed, EVE is real monies! And apparently, there are more community unlocks on the way.
EVE is Real site sharing brings over $1.89MM of rewards to players

The newly released www.EVEisReal.net houses a unique "memory museum" that has a growing collection of some of the most poignant, terrifying, precious and hilarious player stories from over 8 rich years of EVE's single-shard, persistent universe. 

More than 1000 player-made images, videos and posts have been received so far and the first level of sharing rewards has just been unlocked thanks to player enthusiasm for the extraordinary initiative, triggering a 1,000 Aurum reward for each of EVE's subscribers.

That's over $1.89MM USD worth of virtual currency and the equivalent of 107,000 months of gametime AKA PLEX.

Aurum was recently introduced with the Noble Exchange as part of EVE Online: Incarna, EVE's 14th free expansion.

With three more levels to go, more Aurum to be unlocked and contests for video and image entries, the passionate parodies flow as freely as the tales of heroism and wonder.

It seems the power of the EVE universe to forge very important internet spaceship memories seems as limitless as its ability to destroy fleets of hundreds of ships within minutes, reward brilliant, morally unscrupulous financial types and convince people to join together in person at EVEFanfest on a volcanic island in the middle of the north-Atlantic. 

We can't wait to see what our players will share next.