Diablo 3 prohibits mods

by: John -
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Not that I'm surprised by the announcement since you HAVE to be online to play Diablo 3, but Kotaku has reported mods for the game will strictly be prohibited. That's right, no changing the game around for hackers and modders who still do so today for the second game.

The more I hear about Diablo 3 the less enthusiastic I'm becoming. Mods are one of the things I really liked about playing on the PC, so it's disheartening to hear Blizzard kibosh this. I blame all this on the auction house. Blizzard didn't like that people were using third party services to sell and trade items, but making this part of the game has gone and forced Blizzard to make Diablo 3 all kinds of restrictive that's going to piss a lot of people off.