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Star Wars 320GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle now on Amazon…simply amazing

by: Dan -
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For a mere $450, you can be the proud owner of probably the most bad-ass Xbox 360 themed bundle I have witnessed to date.  That would be the Star Wars 320GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, as seen in all of its glory below.  The details of the R2D2 case exquisite, the C-3PO controller fabulous and the only white Kinect sensor bar available…Nice.

If you were planning on getting Kinect Star Wars and have one of the older 360 models, or are just a massive Star Wars fan, consider your uber-fanboyism tempted.

[UPDATE: DAN]  Major Nelson just published a video link for his Major's Minute for Inside Xbox that shows off the unveiling of the unit.  He talks to Richard Hanks of Microsoft and Hex Chorba of Lucas Arts about what went into the design and creation of the unit.

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