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Capcom of Japan truly celebrates Resident Evil

by: Jeremy -
More On: Resident Evil: Revival Selection
Now THIS is how you celebrate the anniversary of one of your greatest franchises. Capcom of Japan recently revealed a special edition Resident Evil Anniversary Box that will be offered exclusively through Capcom of Japan’s eStore. The massive set will be released on September 8 alongside Resident Evil: Revival Collection and retail for close to $100 (rough price conversion). Lucky buyers will get all of the following:
  • Resident Evil: DIRECTOR'S CUT for the original PlayStation
  • Resident Evil / Biohazard 2 for the original PlayStation
  • Resident Evil 3 LAST ESCAPE for the original PlayStation
  • Resident Evil: Revival Selection for the PlayStation 3
  • Resident Evil CODE: Complete Veronica original soundtrack
  • Resident Evil 4 original soundtrack
  • 15th anniversary "Pins and Stickers (STARS & Umbrella)
  • Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition spacers for the collection box (to insert your own games)
That really is a must-have set for die-hard fans of the series. I am still curious as to why we haven’t seen the Gamecube remake of the original game ported over to other consoles; that would have been an awesome addition to this collection.