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The PlayStation Pass that's meant to stop used game sales unless you don't care about online

by: John -
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Sony's going to be putting out a pass program for games that can be used as a one time entry into its online world. Starting with Resistance 3, you will be given a one time code to allow for the game to be used online. So, those that trade in the game, the person picking it up afterwards will have to shell out some money to be able to get online should they want to do so.

Yes, it's not the first game to use it, but Sony's the first to turn this into a feature that the console maker's allowing other parties to use. They are stressing it is game specific so some folks might opt to not use this at all. It might be optional, but I can see the pessimists saying that every company's going to to help curb used game sales and to try to put more money into their pockets.
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