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Behind the scenes RAGE video looks at id's history with the FPS genre

by: Tina -
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Bethesda has announced a six part behind-the-scenes video series for first-person shooter, mutated enemy infested RAGE. The first of the series was released today, entitled, "The Legacy of id." Quite the legacy indeed, as id Software holds the golden crown for leaving a historical footprint on the entire genre of first-person shooters what with Wolfenstein and Doom. 

Now that we've intrigued you, you can conveniently find the first in the series of behind-the-scenes videos below that will take you into the offices of id Software to hear what the developers have to say about their history in making and impacting first-person shooters. They'll also show you how much better RAGE looks from a visual standpoint point graphically and even environmentally than their predecessors (which, of course, we would expect). 

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We’ve just released the first video in a six part behind-the-scenes series for RAGE. Part one, “The Legacy of id,” is available for download below. In this video, the team at id Software touch on pioneering the first-person shooter and creating the world of RAGE.

RAGE features intense first-person shooter action, breakneck vehicle combat, an expansive world to explore and jaw-dropping graphics powered by id’s revolutionary id Tech™ 5 technology. Set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid impacts Earth, you emerge into a vast wasteland to discover humanity working to rebuild itself against such forces as bandit gangs, mutants, and more. RAGE promises an experience like no other.

RAGE, the highly-anticipated game under development at id Software, is slated for release on October 4th, 2011 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. For more information on RAGE visit www.RAGE.com.