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World of Warcraft..it's free!....until level 20

by: John -
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We're getting a few games going Free to Play aren't we? Team Fortress 2 recently went that way and now we got a pretty heavy hitter going that way as well.

PC Gamer's reporting that World of Warcraft will let you play without spending a dime, but only up until level 20. You can then spend $20 to get Burning Crusade and the level cap removed. Of course, you'll have to shell out the monthly fee after that, but you can create a bunch of characters and just have a clan of level 20 folks at your disposal without having to pony up any money.

There are a list of restrictions though, such as not being able to join a guild, trade skill caps, and inability to invite others to a party to name a few, but it's still free to play for a bit. You just won't have as much fun as those who are shelling out the monthly fee.

Also, those who already own the game and don't have Burning Crusade will get that for free, so you guys who have been paying but didn't spend money on the expansion (and I don't know anyone who didn't) will get it for a low, low price of $0.