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Get Monkey Island Tales HD on your iPad; First episode is free

by: Tina -
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Erm, it may be time to steal my mother's iPad. Or, you know, buy my own. Either way, current iPad owners should immediately jump to the App Store to pick up a free copy of the first episode of Monkey Island Tales HD. This deal runs until July 22nd. Starting tomorrow, however, you can pick up the other four episodes at the App Store for $6.99 each. 

You can experience the entire Monkey Island tale on your iPad for a (somewhat) paltry sum. Read on for press release humor.
Telltale Games’ award-winning Monkey Island Tales HD series is back on iPad with more swashbucklin’ adventure than you can shake a wooden leg at!

And Telltale Games is offering iPad owners some serious booty! As of today the first episode of Monkey Island Tales HD is available for free on iPad until July 22nd! It’s available and ready to plunder as you read this – so get to plundering!
And here be another bit of news…starting tomorrow (June 23rd) Monkey Island Tales HD Episodes 2-5 are available for $6.99 per episode on the AppStore. That’s right mateys, the remainder of the entire Monkey Island Tales HD season - in four salty doses of high seas humor - will be available all at once for your downloading pleasure.

Telltale’s trademark humor and adventure gameplay will delight Monkey Island fans old and new as the entire five-episode saga unfolds on iPad for the very first time. So be it high or low tide, weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen and head over to the AppStore to get the best game series featuring the unlikely combination of an ancient tool and a clamshell to come to iPad!