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Hitman Absolution avatar items now available

by: Nathaniel -
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Xbox 360 owners may be stuck with avatars that are somehow more childish-looking than the actually-childish Mii's they copied (I can't speak to the relative childishness of PS3 virtual avatars), but at least now you can dress yours up as one of the all-time videogame BAMFs - Hitman Absolution's own bald death-dealer, Agent 47.

The suit, the tie, the gloves the briefcase pregnant with Hell's future residents, and the iconic bar code are all ready to adorn your own online avatar.  Show the world that you know the creepy, well-dressed bald dude with a strange tattoo and ominous briefcases is there to kill you and not sell you a magazine subscription today by downloading these items to your Xbox 360 or PS3. 

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