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News Roundup - 6/22/11

by: Dan -
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  • Release date set for Red Orchestra 2...and don't even think about cheating
  • The Champions of Fallen Enchantress revealed in latest dev diary
  • Anyone up for a Deus Ex: Human Revolution QR code scavenger hunt?
  • Meet the lovely, somewhat crazy girls in Atlus' Catherine
  • Serious Sam: The Random Encounter screen shots
  • Magicka PvP goes live, video and screens
  • Play as Robin when you pre-order Arkham City from Best Buy
  • RPG parody Grotesque Tactics 2 announced, accompanied by screenshots
  • Capcom starting to get the Shadow Packs right
  • New images for Pro Cycling Manager 2011 available for viewing
  • LEGO Star Wars headed to the small screen
  • Binary Domain story reveal trailer
  • FEAR 3 launches into stores with a new trailer
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution art exhibit planned [SNEAK PREVIEW]