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The Champions of Fallen Enchantress revealed in latest dev diary

by: Tina -
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The next title in the Elemental series, Fallen Enchantress, has five areas of research that you can invest in on your tech tree to advance in the game. One of these areas, that of the Champions, was explained in lead designer Derek Paxton's latest dev diary. Head over to the blog to see what makes the Champions so useful, and check out the screenshots we've posted below.

Fallen Enchantress will be released as a stand-alone game but will be free to all players who purchased Elemental: War of Magic in 2010 and will be heavily discounted for anyone who purchases Elemental: War of Magic prior to Fallen Enchantress’s anticipated Summer 2011 release. The new title includes an all-new battle system, more sophisticated spell casting, an updated economic system, new game mechanics, more creatures, quests and much more. Elemental is a strategy game at its core with heavy RPG-inspired elements in which players build a kingdom from the ground up in a shattered fantasy world. Players build cities, raise armies, research technologies, learn magical spells, go on quests, recruit heroes, negotiate treaties, learn spells, build a family dynasty and more.