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EVE Online: Incarna launch imminent; information available on new release.

by: Sean Cahill -
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EVE Online players, your wait is almost over.  Incarna drops tomorrow, giving what is sure to be an exciting new addition to EVE Online itself.  While the information that has been provided certainly gives plenty of insight as to how this content will function, a lot of people are curious as to how the hardcore players will receive it.  The outpouring has been overwhelmingly positive, but we have all seen content change people's minds as it becomes fully available.
EVE Online: Incarna 1.0 is set to deploy tomorrow. The feature page can be found by visiting www.eveonline.com/incarna, and the patch notes are soon to follow.

Incarna represents an entirely new aspect of EVE, providing pilots with their first steps outside of the spaceships that have stalked the constellations of the EVE universe for over eight years.

The first iteration, fittingly named Incarna 1.0, brings the Captain's Quarters to each station. The Captain's Quarters are a seat of power, a hub of information and a quiet sanctuary for a pilot looking to relax a bit. A quick walthrough video can be found here. Incarna will grow over time, adding new versions of the Captain's Quarters and then establishments and beyond.

Incarna also brings a fresh beginning for a new player's experience, as we've remade it into a "New New Player Experience" and worked hard to smooth out the learning curve. It is now easier than ever to try EVE Online--an even more immersive experience is in store for those curious about jumping in the deepest MMO on the market.

You will, as always, receive a more formal press about the EVE Online: Incarna release and all its other features Soon (TM).