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Vita bringing a new level of social gaming

by: Jeremy -
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According to a new trailer from Sony, the PlayStation Vita is going to redefine the social interactions of the gaming world. The new handheld, due out later this year, will allow players to interact with the rest of the Vita’s gaming world through a variety of social interaction options including:
  • “Use Alerts” which highlight the actions of your PSN friends on the Vita
  • online score leaderboards
  • full integration with the PlayStation Network
  • cross-system play between the PS3 and the Vita online
  • Party chat functions
  • “near”, a new feature which helps you find gamers and friends in your area and alerts you to what they are playing
Other features will be included and announced in the future, but until then check out this brief sampling of what to expect when the new system launches this year: